I think I have recovered from round 4 of chemo!

Well my blood work was good and round 4 of chemo went as scheduled.  My cousins Laura and Betty from Texas came up to be my chemo buddies!  Yay!

Round 4 was hard, so I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I wanted, but it was so good to see them!   Note the little red box in my hand.  It was a celebration gift from the nurses in the chemo room.  Celebrating my last scheduled chemo!  It was nice, yes, but bittersweet for me.  I really didn’t feel like celebrating.  The truth is that I’m stage 4, so to celebrate my last chemo seems a little ridiculous to me. I know there will be a time, be it sooner or later, when I will be in that chemo room again.  Lets pray for later!

I had the nuelasta and the xgeva shot both this round.  That made my recovery so much harder!  The nuelasta shot works on my bone marrow to bring my white count back up to where it should be.  It causes me to have horrible bone pain!  The xgeva shot strengthens my bones, so it also causes bone pain.  The two together cause unbearable pain, even with pain meds.  I was so tired this round!  It was an unexplainable tired.  I had to make myself get up to even go to the bathroom!  Add hot flashes to the mix and all I wanted to do was cry!  Today I’m feeling a little more like myself!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel of chemo round 4!  It was a hard one!

My genetic testing results are in.  I do not carry the BRAC 1 or BRAC 2 gene.  That’s good news for my family, but it leaves my cancer unexplainable.  I am also scheduled for new scans on the 10th.  I will get the results the following week.  My future treatment plans will depend on the results from the scan.  Praying for good scans!!  A little good news, my tumor markers were at 69 and after two rounds of chemo they were down to 48.  I’m happy with that because I’ve had two more rounds of chemo since then!  

For now I’m thankful to be feeling better!

I’m thankful for my family and my friends for all the support they’ve given me!

I’m thankful my mama was here to help me thru this week!

I’m thankful I got to see my cousins!

I’m thankful that my Kori got a job! 🙂

I’m thankful to have Kristen here to help out!

I’m thankful for all the hugs my little  T.J. has given me this week!

I’m thankful to be able to spend my Javiee’s birthday with him!  Happy Birthday Javiee! You are truly one in a million!  I am so lucky to have you in my life!  I love you with every ounce of my being!

Below is a song for my Javiee….it reminds me so much of him! !  Happy Birthday My Love!!

Getting ready for chemo round 4, it’s tomorrow…..


I have to say I was not looking forward to round 3 of chemo.  It seems that every round has different side effects and every round hits me harder.  Round 3 was the hardest!  Tomorrow is round 4.  I’m ready for it, only because I’m having new scans done once I recover from it.  I’m hopeful that the past two months of chemo has done something to stop this cancer that is growing inside of me!!  Not knowing if it’s working or not is a scary thing!  Maybe the scans will give me some well needed encouragement!

I’ve had good week!  Wednesday out with my Javiee was fantastic!  He keeps me strong and focused on beating this!  I’ve had a few emotional days.  I’ve had two different people ask me what I was going to do about my little T.J.  I asked them both…What do you mean?  They both asked …Who was I going to have raise him?  Really?  I can not afford to think like that!  My little man needs me and I have to be here for him!!  Negativity is not welcome here!  I have faith that my positive attitude will give me many more years with him!  I know the statistics, but I am not a statistic….I’m Tammy and I’m a fighter!

Now for the bright side of chemo round 4…. My cousins Laura and Betty are coming up from Texas.  So I have new chemo buddies!  Yay!

Thats my little superman, T.J. in the picture above.