My final reconstruction post


Below is a picture of what I was left with after a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Initially I decided not to do reconstruction because my oncologist was saying I probably had a year to live.  I had no knowledge of metastatic breast cancer at that time.  A year passed and I realized there was no expiration date stamped on my head. That was when I decided to do reconstruction.  I didn’t mind being flat chested, but I wasn’t flat chested.  I had indentions on each side of my chest.  My clothes just didn’t fit right anymore.  The next picture shows me in a tank top. You can see the indention the best on the right side.  The third picture was taken during the expansion process.    When that was finished Dr. Swelstad ( his link is below) finished me off with implants.  I chose not to do nipples because I didn’t want another surgery and I didn’t want to have to wear a bra all the time.😁


October the 17th was my birthday. I’ve almost lived 5 years with metastatic breast cancer! When my mama asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said maybe I should get nipples. So she bought me nipples for my birthday. No surgery, just tattoos. The pictures below are from the day they were done.  They really do look like nipples.  It’s funny, I was so excited when I saw the final result.  Dear Cancer, I got my nipples back.  Of course I’d rather have my own breasts and nipples but, it is what it is.


Here’s a link to my plastic surgeon, Dr. Swelstad.  He’s in Grand Junction, Colorado.  If your in that area I highly recommend him!



1 day post op


WARNING: Breast Reconstruction Photos Below



My reconstruction journey has begun.  Today I’m one day post op.  My expanders are in place.  I’m so happy with my decision to do reconstruction.  The difference is already amazing!  The indentions in my chest are so much better!  Here’s to Dr. Swelstad at Regenesis Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.  He’s fantastic!  I highly recommend him!


This is before my expander placement.


This is one day post op.  We’ll start filling the expanders once I’m healed.  For now I’m just going to take it easy for a few weeks.