Rising Tumor Markers

I have lived with metastatic breast cancer for five years. Throughout this time my CA 27.2 marker has been an accurate indication of what’s going on inside my body. It’s steadily been on the rise. This month it jumped another 170 units. My hope is that cancer is dying and not growing while I’m on Xeloda. I have a new brain MRI and a chest and abdomen CT scheduled in two weeks. If the tumor in my brain is bigger my only option seems to be surgery. I’ve decided to have the surgery if necessary. But first, I’m going to the beach for a week and I’m going to see Lynyrd Skynyrd the first weekend in September! I’m going to enjoy summer, make some memories and not stress the outcome of my scans. If I have to deal with it I’ll do it in mid September.

Here are my recent tumor markers. They seem to be rising since I started Xeloda.

CA 27.2

1311.8 units/mL
Jun 11, 2018

1141.6 units/mL
May 11, 2018

1084.6 units/mL
Mar 16, 201

1037.9 units/mL
Feb 16, 2018

1057.4 units/mL
Jan 26, 2018

968.0 units/mL
Jan 04, 2018 n

263.3 units/mL
Nov 24, 2017

268.7 units/mL
Oct 26, 2017

216.2 units/mL
Aug 11, 2017

232.8 units/mL
Jul 27, 2017

199.3 units/mL
Jun 28, 2017

160.1 units/mL
Jun 01, 2017

Despite all this cancer chaos, I’m still alive, so I’m still smiling. My Javiee and I celebrated another anniversary on June 5th. Here’s a picture….We went to The Conundrum escape room in Asheville. If you haven’t been to an escape room, you should definitely go! We didn’t escape but we had a blast! Here’s our picture…..My precious granddaughter, Evie, had her first birthday! You know a picture is coming!

Thank you all for your love and prayers! I’m sending love to each and everyone of you! It’s summer! Get out and make some memories!πŸ’•πŸ’•

14 thoughts on “Rising Tumor Markers

  1. Sorry to hear about the tumor markers, xeloda concerns and possible surgery. Hoping for the best outcomes. Thank you for these lovely photos of your Javiee and gorgeous 1 year old granddaughter Evie.
    I am in awe of your amazing spirit and sending you tons of love, hugs and good juju. β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜˜

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I met your beautiful Mom & Terry, Tim & Cindy on the Carnival Magic in May. I was with my brother, Craig, & his lovely wife of 6 yrs., Candice. Of course we talked & laughed until our jaws hurt. We’d just happen to meet up with them every night to enjoy the breeze, talk about our day, our plans for the following day, etc.
    Of course, we spoke about our families & your Mom mentioned to my SIL very quietly what was going on with you. I lost my BFF of 44 yrs. to metastatic breast cancer 3-1/2 yrs ago. CANCER SUCKS, but you have the right outlook on life. Stay positive, enjoy your husband, your ADORABLE Evie, & all of your other family members & your giant circle of friends! I’ve added you & them to my prayer list. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

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