New Brain MRI Results

I love my radiation oncologist, Dr. Smathers.   When it comes to living with cancer  the most important things to me are quality of life and honesty.  I don’t want anything sugar coated!  She understands and that’s what she gives me.  I love to see her walk in with a smile.  I didn’t get that last month.  I got it today!  My scans showed nothing new.  It showed the little brain mets were no longer there.  The belief is that Xeloda took care of them.  The tumor in my left frontal lobe has grown 2mm.  Her hope is that Xeloda will reach that tumor and shrink it.  We have a new brain MRI scheduled in two months unless I start having symptoms.  The most common symptoms  would be dizziness, headaches and nausea. That’s the plan as long as I feel good.   If nothing changes on the next scan we will consider adding Methotrexate.   If it continues to grow brain surgery is my other option.   It’s another wait and see.

I give God the glory.  Five tumors gone in a month is amazing.  Thank you all for your love and prayers!  They mean so much to me!💕💕

I’m grateful for another month and for more memories!


We taught Jax how to play Candy Land.  He won his first game!  I love being a glamma!


I had another Valentines Day with my sweet Javiee.  This man is my rock!❤️


T.J. joined ROTC (Air Force).

This has been a month full of memories!  Some deserving a title of their own.  I’ll add them soon!

Until then……Get out and make some memories!💕💕


15 thoughts on “New Brain MRI Results

    • I was relieved! Things change so quickly! I love having a break from scans and oncologist appointments! It’s been in the 60’s here the past few days….I’m getting out and enjoying it!

  1. So happy for you!! Our God is amazing!! Tell that wonderful young Air Force cadet you have that my oldest son started out in ROTC, and is now a Lt. Colonel for the Air Force. You must be so proud of him, I have loved watching him grow up on Facebook!!

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  3. One thing that I find amazing is your love of daily living. I’m sure your diagnosis plays a role, but I’ll bet your appreciation of life goes much deeper than that. So many people live their entire lives without ever really having made an effort to truly LIVE life. This is so very sad to me because life is a precious gift; one that offers nearly limitless opportunities, confined to a finite amount of time to experience them.

    Keep holding your head high and soaking the whole experience in. You’ll find this love of life keeps an eternal smile on that beautiful face! 🙂

    • It’s funny because people that get to know me after my cancer diagnosis think cancer gave me my zest for life. I’ve always had tat zest. I’m a happy soul. Before cancer I had a head full of curly blond hair. I wore a flower in it everyday. I miss that hair! I actually miss that life. Colorado was good to me! Still, I am grateful for everyday and I really enjoy living!❤️

      • Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, people seem to NEED negative reinforcement to create positive changes. Positive reinforcement is PLEASURABLE and is just as effective at creating change, yet so much of our population CHOOSES to experience some form of PAIN first.

        When “things are taken from us” (ex. curly blond hair) it gives us an opportunity to find something potentially even more gratifying to replace it. Whether it’s a physical object or an emotional experience, our world provides these “hidden” replacements. We simply need to redirect our thinking to discover them. “Being grateful for everyday and really enjoying living” gives you the emotional tools necessary for discovering these replacements. When and if you choose to find them, please share them with me (if you don’t mind). In doing so, you will prove to others this task (under challenging conditions) is still possible and MEANINGFUL!

  4. Tammy, Deus te abençoe! Feliz por vc, continue com essa alegria de viver e vc irá restaurar sua saúde, eu creio nisso! um grande abraço!!

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