Brain MRI Results

I’m going to keep this simple for you guys.  I have a new tumor in my brain.  It’s in the superior left cerebellar hemisphere. WBR and the cyber knife took the initial tumor away back in 2016.  This tumor is growing right underneath where the initial tumor was located.  Radiation is not an option for this tumor.  My doctors are getting together Friday with other specialists and going over my charts to figure out what my options may be.   Here’s some good news……

Two rounds of Xeloda cleared my liver!  Those liver mets are gone.  It’s been four months since my previous brain MRI.  Our hope is that this tumor in my brain was bigger and xeloda has shrunk it.  There’s no way to know because my previous brain MRI was clear. Our plan, for now, is to keep taking Xeloda and do a new brain MRI next month.  If the tumor is smaller then we will continue with Xeloda and monthly scans.  If the tumor is the same size or bigger next month the only option will be brain surgery.  That’s the plan right now.  This could change after our meeting Friday.  Another wait and see!

I have chosen to not worry about this.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and see what next month brings.  What does worrying help anyway?  Tomorrow I’m going to pick up my sweet little Jaxon and we are going to watch T.J. wrestle.

I love you guys! Get out and make some memories! 💕💕💕

My song for the day….Click here. 😂

13 thoughts on “Brain MRI Results

  1. I admire your courage and your positive attitude. Please know that there are many of us out here, who you will never meet, who are rooting for you and sending positive energy and prayers for better news. xo

  2. Hi Tammy/
    I agree about the worrying. -,Just hoping the xeloda continues to improve your outcomes.,
    You bring so much light in this world.
    Sending you tons of love and continued prayers.

  3. I admire your candor dealing with this condition. Sharing the “disease” helps the world better understand the process you face as well as offering a positive sounding board for you. I was wondering if you’d find it beneficial to share your LIFE with us as well. As important as it is to have wonderful people offering (well meaning) SUPPORT, I imagine “NORMAL” conversation about life, family, friends, and the crazy world we live in could add a quality to life as well.

    Just wanted to throw this idea out to you to see if it might offer additional value. I have great respect for you and how your approaching this disease. I thought the idea of making additional friends (even those you may never meet in person) and sharing everyday LIFE might add another positive emotional impact to your life and the lives of others.

    As a physician, I have directly been responsible for physically impacting lives. I learned through my career, however, that emotionally connecting with people is just as important.
    Your LIFE matters and I want you to realize that. You are so much more than simply a person fighting a disease! I thought it might be a good idea to get to know the person (TAMMY) at least as well as I’ve gotten to know her disease.

    So, I’ll start first. Hello, my name is Jonathan. I’m 58 years old, retired, and about to rapel 32 stories down the outside of the Hyatt Regency to raise money for charity. I have NO rappelling experience and I’m not a fan of heights, but I do like reaching out and helping my fellow man. Now, it’s your turn! 😀

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