New Scan Results

My latest scans showed progression to my ribs, spine and pelvis while I was on Ibrance.  I have multiple new pelvic and femoral lesions.  My spine has many new lesions (T5, T7, T8 and T12).  The good news is there was no new growth in my organs and the tumor in my lung is 2 cm smaller. My tumor markers are also still dropping.  I’m at 132 now!😀

I have a lot of pain in my hip.  My oncologist was concerned and thought I may need a pin in my hip. He referred me to an  orthopaedic oncologist, Dr.Gajewski, I loved him!  He’s a great addition to my team.  After x-rays and an exam he said no pin!  The pain is muscle and nerve pain from my spine.  I aggravate it by driving a five speed.  I guess it’s time to get another car.  He also said yoga will help.  Time to start a yoga class!

As of February 8th I have lived with metastatic breast cancer for 4 years.  Though I’m sure I had it years before I was diagnosed.  I find it sad that I was told I didn’t need a mammogram until I was 40.  I can’t help thinking at 35 I would have caught it before it spread.  It is what it is.  I’m thankful for the past four years.  Even during treatment, my days have been filled with memories.  I’ve had more time with my family.  I’ve watched T.J. grow into a young man.  So many special people have come into my life the past four years.  I am so grateful.  Let’s not forget….I became a glamma!  I’m so in love with little Jaxon.  He is perfect.  In May I will be a glamma again!  To a precious little girl.  I hope she looks just like me!!😂

Living with metastatic breast cancer isn’t easy, but I’m living!  That’s all that really matters. Get out and make some memories!  I love you all!💕💕


Look at my new wig my sweet Javiee bought me.  I love it!  My hair is beginning to come back on the sides.  The top is still bald.  I call it a nohawk.


4 thoughts on “New Scan Results

  1. Anytime a lung tumor has shrunk is indeed a wonderful day, and reaching the 4th year after diagnosis is a huge day as well–my 4th anniversary will be here in April. And, a baby girl for Glamma, well that is some awesome news too! I hated to hear your bone mets are not behaving. Great to hear those haven’t stopped you from looking forward to making some happy memories. I sported a “nohawk” too for a little while, weird and not fun Javier’s gift to you will keep you looking lovely until your hair is back in all the right places.

  2. 4 years is a big deal!! Especially when they initially told me I probably had a year. No matter what I’m pushing for 4 more. I want to see my son graduate. For now I’m excited to not be planning another surgery! I really want to enjoy the warmer weather this summer! Sending love your way!💕💕💕

  3. Go glamma! You look lovely in that wig. Congrats on 4 years! Sorry to hear about the progression, glad it isn’t the serious kind, but any kind sucks. ❤

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