Whole Brain Radiation

I have survived 15 rounds of whole brain radiation.  Initially the hardest part was driving to Asheville and back everyday for a treatment that lasts less than 10 minutes. I videoed a session for those of you that may one day have to go through this.

Whole Brain Radiation   Here’s the link

It was a painless procedure.  My mask was latched to the table, everyone left the room and the radiation took a few minutes.  There was a smell that came with the radiation. It reminded me of Clorox.  The first 13 rounds were fairly easy on me.  I was dizzy afterwards and needed a nap.  I was surprised because I was expecting worse.  It hit me at round 14.  My forehead and my ears burnt so bad.  After round 15 I couldn’t hear and my ears smelt horrible.  I was told to take Mussinex to relieve pressure behind my ears.  I did that for a few days and didn’t notice a difference.  I ended up putting peroxide in my ears for a few days and my hearing is back!  I must tell you my oncologist advised against using peroxide.  It worked for me.  My eyesight also got bad with the last rounds of radiation.   I couldn’t read anything!  I’m using readers now and I feel them getting stronger everyday.  It’s been two weeks since my last round of radiation and the fatigue is extreme.  I’m so tired.  I just keep reminding myself that it’s over!  I have had a hard month!!  The day after my last radiation appointment I had my ovaries removed.   I’ll do a post on that soon.  I’m scheduled for the gamma knife and a new MRI in August.  Until then I’m going to get out and spend some time with my guys. I’ll end with some pictures.


This is my radiation mask.



This is one of the Mets to my scalp.  Radiation healed all of them.  Let’s hope it’s working as well on the inside!


This is a harsh one, but I share my truth with you guys.  My forehead after 15 rounds of WBR.


Now for one that shows me on the mend!  It’s a wig!





14 thoughts on “Whole Brain Radiation

  1. Hi Tammy,

    Have you looked into any less harsh treatments such a hemp oil. There are probably over 1000 studies regarding Hemp and Hemp oil that have proven more effective than radiation and chemo. Complete healing can be obtained in most cases. If you want me to provide some links for you to research i can. Just let me know.


    • Thank you Chris! I don’t discount western medicine because I have a 13 year old that I want to see graduate. However, because I want to live I don’t discount anything that research backs up. I am taking Charlottes Web Oil that I get shipped from CW botanicals in Colorado. It’s the highest in cbd that I have found. I’m always open to recommendations if you know of something better! 💕

  2. My goodness, Girl. You are one strong, determined person. You just might be the bravest person I know. I know you did all that so you would have more time with your family. Michael and I are both praying for you. I hope the rest of the summer allows you to rest up. It seems like ages since the retreat in NC, doesn’t it? Michael’s pain in his bones has increased. I see the Oncologist in two weeks to see what he wants to do about me. But that is nothing like you and your fam are going thru. How is your diabetes? You take care and know there are lots of people down here praying for you and our Father God hears every one of them. I used to say “It is what it is”, but He has taught me to say “It is what He says it is.” Lots more hope in that one. Say HI to TJ and hubby. Love, Linda and Michael

    • Thank you Linda! You and Micheal are always in our prayers! My diabetes is doing really well. I still want to get a bag for TJ from your shop. I have been offline to let my eyes recover from radiation. They finally have! Send Micheal our love!

  3. There is a group of Tammy fans called “Team Tammy” that has created a donation website for Tammy and her family. Please go to http://youcaring.com/givetotammycardoma and make a donation to help them through Tammy’s most recent cancer crisis. Any amount is appreciated, even $1.

    There is a way to option out of the extra $1 Youcaring.com asks for in order for them to continue offering a low cost crowdfunding service. Simply click on the link “$1.00 to YouCaring (recommended)”, select “Other amount” and type “0” in the box.

    Team Tammy is also sponsoring a Fun(d)raiser for Tammy in Waynesville, NC, Sunday July 24 at the Frog Level Brewery. There will be food, music, door prizes, a silent auction and lost of FUN! Please join us if you are near.

    Thanks for your help – Tammy and her family appreciate everything you do.
    -Team Tammy

  4. I am Team Tammy all the way. I apologize.this is. late to respond, as I have been thinking of you so much Tammy. I’m so glad we connected through social media and started our online journey around the same time. You are amazing. Sending love, prayers and light. 💕💛🙏🏼 (((hugs)))

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