In Memory of another Stage 4 Sister

It’s so hard to hear you have breast cancer and even harder to hear it’s stage four.  I will never forget the day I heard those words.  My life changed instantly.  I immediately turned to the internet and googled everything about stage four breast cancer.  I was preparing to die.  Then I met Terri at  She had been living with stage four breast cancer since 2011.  She inspired me to not just fight, but to keep living.  She helped me through the early days of my diagnosis.  This week her time here ended.  I am so blessed to have known her and so saddened by the loss her family feels now.  Living with stage four cancer is mentally and physically hard.  Watching as my stage four friends pass is even harder.


In memory of my dear friend Terri at

15 thoughts on “In Memory of another Stage 4 Sister

  1. I’ve tried to write this post a few times since I found out about Terri, but it was just too painful and too real. I’m glad you found the courage. Terri and I joked about being the patients “they hate to see coming” because we chose to do things our own way.

    I was devastated when I learned how quickly Terri’s health had gone downhill, and selfishly, I was consumed with fear. She was the first person that I met through blogging to pass from this disease. And the similarities of our lives, both having small children, hit me hard.

    Hugs to you. I know this was tough for you.

  2. I am really sad to hear about the loss of yet another woman to breast cancer. It seems I read or hear about a new death everyday. It is way overdue to start sinking research funds into Stage 4 breast cancer.

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