Living On Vicodin

I’m serious about the title! Lately, I can’t accomplish anything without my pain meds.  My hands are still numb 60% of the time.  They are so swollen that I can no longer wear my rings.  I didn’t think it was possible, but my body aches have also increased.  Forget ninety!  I feel like I’m one hundred!  I’m honestly not sure what’s worse, the cancer or the treatment.   Having said that, I must tell you my tumor marker is now down to 58!  Fantastic news!  It was over 300 before I started Zoladex and Femara.  So for now I’m going to stick to my treatment plan and keep my Vicodin prescription filled.


That’s my Javiee and I.  We celebrated our one year anniversary this month.  We’ve been together for close to seven years.  We didn’t actually get married until last June.  I have to share a picture with you from that day because I was bald.  Now I have a little hair.  Brown hair!


No matter how many pain pills I have to take.  I’m still smiling and living life!  You never know what’s in store for you tomorrow, so enjoy today!

I Love you guys!

15 thoughts on “Living On Vicodin

  1. Ah lady…I am sorry that the treatment is giving you a beating. You still look fabulous, with or without hair! Happy anniversary. Hopefully the effects will diminish. I have been on Zoladex and Letrozole (which I think is Femara) for six months now and some of the effects have lessened. It’s a great plan to keep your smile on!! Congrats on the markers too! I was happy that my mets had shrunk with that cocktail…I was batting for status quo so I was thrilled that finally I got given some happy news at one of those dreaded onco appointment…I hadn’t had good news in a while!! xxx

    • I was so happy to read your post. Looks like this new cocktail is working for us both! I’m glad to see your still working out like you are! My zumba has been put on hold! :). I’ve heard the effects get better. I’m hoping that’s true!

  2. You are an inspiration….a one of the rays of light I was gifted with in Grand Junction…In the Light…of the Light…..You are the light.. Thank You

  3. Keep on the pain meds ! Happy Anniversary to you both, a good looking couple !!! Love you sweet girl ! Waiting on y’all to be closer.

  4. dear Tammy,

    good for you for addressing the pain. on top of all you are going through, who needs pain??!! and a very Happy Anniversary to you and your Javiee; love the wedding photo. you are such a beautiful person, your grace and loving self shines through to your sweet face. I am thrilled for the tumor marker gone down so dramatically – sending big hope that all continues to improve and that you will begin to feel much better.

    much love,

    Karen xoxo

    • Thank you Karen! I just got new test results and my marker’s now down to 38! Good news! I’m hoping the pain will get better soon. In the meantime I just keep taking the pain meds. Being in constant pain can be depressing!
      I hope your well!

  5. Happy Anniversary Love you guys!!! I can’t wait to hear what your numbers are today. I know it is working but I hope this other that you are doing is helping b/c you should not have to feel this bad from a treatment that is to make you better. Ugh I love you sis and will be praying for you to get some relief.

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