Life with Zoladex

I’ve been on Zoladex and Femara for almost three months now.  I’m already a pro when it comes to the Zoladex injection.  I ice my stomach to the point of numbness and I don’t feel a thing.  I’m finally over the menopausal craziness that came with Zoladex.  Now I’m left with the side effects.  I’m honestly not sure if the side effects are from Zoladex or Femara.  I thought my hot flashes were bad when I was on Tamoxifen.  Now they are just ridiculous!  One minute I’m fine and the next minute sweat is dripping from my forehead.  It’s like a furnace has been lit inside me.  I take a shower and 15 minutes later I’m sweating again.

When I was on tamoxifen I would take a pain pill at night to ease my leg cramps.  Now I take one the minute I get out of bed.  I feel like a ninety year old woman.  My back and legs are unbearably stiff.  That’s the only way I know to describe it.  I’m taking pain meds four times a day just to do my normal activities.  On top of that I’m waking up in the middle of the night now with numb hands and feet.  Numb to the point of painful!

So that’s the down side of my life with Zoladex and Femara.  Here’s the bright side, my tumor markers are dropping!  They had climbed to over 300.  Last week they were down to 100!  I’ll test again next Friday.  I guess you just have to take the good with the bad.  Whatever works!  I have a lot to live for!

This week I’m going to get my tail in gear and do a post on my reconstruction.  I just love being able to wear tank tops again!  A big thank you to Dr. Swelstad at ReGenesis Plastic Surgery. Love him!

I have to end by saying I’m so proud of my little T.J.  He’s now in The National Honor Society.  He’ll be starting middle school this year!  I want to cry just thinking about it!  Last year I didn’t think I’d be here to see him start middle school.  It’s a big deal for me!


16 thoughts on “Life with Zoladex

  1. congratulations Tammy on your markers dropping and your little boy making the Honors. I am going through the exact same side effects hot flashes and all but my markers have dropped as well. Keep up the attitude and know we are not alone. Aurora

    • Thank you Aurora! Does your body also feel stiff as a board? Those side effects are harsh! Let’s be thankful the treatments are working for us! Stay positive! I hope you get that insurance mess figured out soon! That’s not something you should have to be worrying about right now!

    • Thank you! So do I! It’s finally nice outside here in Colorado! Time to get out and do some things with the little man! I know your enjoying that Florida weather!

  2. Tammy, no matter what you are a beautiful person and your attitude is a constant inspiration for me! Love ya girl!

  3. Tammy, you are one very strong lady! I am so happy about your markers and that you are able to celebrate your son’s great accomplishment!! Keeping good vibes cruising your way!! 😀

  4. I was on Zolodex too – but this time around they decided it wasn’t worth trying to save my ovaries – nice of them 🙂 Im 31 with Stage 4 BC. And I agree- a this point I also just want to live. Keep strong xx

    • I so wanted to have a baby. That thought is long gone! I’m only doing Zoladex because tamoxifen didn’t work and I was just not ready for another surgery to take my ovaries out. I’m sure that time will come. For now Zoladex lets me take Femara and it seems to be working!

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