My New treatment plan begins today.

I know it’s been a few weeks!  I took a trip South to visit family and look at houses.  I’m home now and about to start a new chapter on the cancer front.  

Unfortunately, Tamoxifen didn’t work for me.  My tumor marker seems to be rising about 40 points a month.  I’m in the 180’s now.  Today I go for my first Zoladex injection.  I’m not looking forward to it!  That hollow needle looks painful!  If it works I should be going through menopause very soon.  Geez! Can a girl catch a break?  Next week I will start taking Femara and I will continue to get Xgeva and Zoladex shots every four weeks.  I am praying this brings my tumor marker back down.  If not I’ll be back in that chemo chair way sooner than I had hoped!  


Here’s a picture of the Zoladex injection.  

I’ve gotten so many messages since I’ve been away and I’m reading them now.  Most are wondering about my reconstruction.  I will tell you I am healed and so very happy with the results!  I will do a post on it this week.


18 thoughts on “My New treatment plan begins today.

  1. Thank you!!! I’m not looking forward to this shot or menopause! It is what it is! Let’s just hope it works! I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks. I’m going to catch up today. I hope your doing good!

  2. I am a fellow warrior who had Zoladex injections for 13 years! I would ice the area on my stomach for 20-30 minutes prior to the injection. Worked great! I’ve been battling ER/PR+ BC since 1993. I’m 53 now. You can do this!

  3. It’s good to hear from you again Tammy, although I’m sorry to hear the Tamoxifen didn’t work. I was stable on Femara for four years so I truly hope it’s as effective for you. I’m glad you’re now home. Take care.xx

  4. Tammy I am sorry about the tamoxifen not working for you, but I hope and pray the zoladex and femara works for a long time. It’s also time for these tumor markers to go down. Welcome home. xoxo – Susan

  5. Egads! What a syringe! I’m so, so sorry that you have to get these injections, but, hoping they’ll do the trick for you and bring the marker back down! {{{Hugs}}}

  6. dear Tammy,

    so sorry the tamoxifen did not work for you, but holding BIG hope in my heart that the new plan will be just right – and get those pesky marker numbers, DOWN. I love reading your blog – you inspire me with your outlook and with what a fabulous wife, mom, and friend you are. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMANS’ DAY!

    much love and light,

    Karen, XOXO

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