Just a little update



Monday I go in for my final reconstruction surgery!  Any surgery makes me a little nervous, but I’m ready to get it over with.  I’ll post some pictures of the expansion process this weekend.  The difference with just the expanders is amazing!

My tumor marker is at 108.  That’s not good, but I’m not overly concerned about it right now.  Last week I went down with the flu.  That was three days after my blood work.  I’m hoping that could have made my number higher.  Either way, I’m not going to waste my time worrying about it.  I go in for a bone scan and a CT scan on the 30th.  That’s going to be a long day! I start at 9 am with an injection for the bone scan.  At 9:20 I get my yummy drink for the CT scan.  My CT scan is scheduled for 10:20 and the bone scan is scheduled for 1:00.  Now that’s a day to look forward to!  I have an appointment with my oncologist on the 31st at 3:45.  That’s when I’ll get the results.  Fingers crossed!

18 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news! You’ve come too far to back-pedal now. I’m curious about your expanders and how that’s gone for you. I may be getting them in March. I’ve heard some people say they’re incredibly painful.

    • I don’t intend to be a busy-body but I saw your concerns about the expanders and I agree with Tammy; I had no problems with mine either. Yes, they’re uncomfortable, but they don’t hurt.

      I think when I first came home (they were installed at the same time as my bilateral mastectomy) I was in pain, but heck, my whole chest had been dug out, of course I was in pain.

      With every fill-up, any pain that I might have associated with the expanders was actually relieved; I had a minor pinching sensation in my left one which went away with my 2nd fill.

      Best of luck to you, you’ll do great! And sorry for bumping in here Tammy. 😉

      • No worries! I bet it helps a lot to hear two good stories. I had heard the expanders were just horrible to deal with. I was really worried about getting them! I’m glad I did!

    • Thank you! I honestly had no problems or pain from the expanders. I felt a burning sensation after my last fill. That was from the skin stretching. Other than that the entire fill process was really easy for me. I’ll post some pics of mine tomorrow. I think you’ll be glad you did it. It feels good to put on a simple t shirt and feel “normal”.

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