Here’s my Update!


My oncology appointment went well Friday!  My numbers are good and nothing has changed!  What a relief!  I won’t be in that chemo chair over the holidays!  Those appointments are so stressful for me!  Now it’s over and I’m going back to my happy little world of Tamoxifen, diet and denial!  No thoughts of cancer for me this month!  I think it’s time to decorate for Christmas! (yes, I’m serious!).   I started this year not knowing if I would make it to Christmas. The season starts today in my house!

14 thoughts on “Here’s my Update!

  1. dear Tammy,

    I am new to your blog, and so glad I found you! I know this comment is late in the conversation, but I just want to tell you how much I admire your writing, your spirit, and how you have chosen to be happy for the holidays. I am so happy the oncology appointment had such a great outcome. and I love how you are able to embrace denial – it really can be our friend at the times we need it most!

    warm hugs to you, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Karen, TC

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