1 day post op


WARNING: Breast Reconstruction Photos Below



My reconstruction journey has begun.  Today I’m one day post op.  My expanders are in place.  I’m so happy with my decision to do reconstruction.  The difference is already amazing!  The indentions in my chest are so much better!  Here’s to Dr. Swelstad at Regenesis Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.  He’s fantastic!  I highly recommend him!


This is before my expander placement.


This is one day post op.  We’ll start filling the expanders once I’m healed.  For now I’m just going to take it easy for a few weeks.



6 thoughts on “1 day post op

  1. Congratulations! you wonderful brave beautiful woman!! I am so very glad you “are alive and feel good”. Every time I log into WP I encounter another courageous wonderful and gifted person. Thank you . —- Bear

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