PET Scan Today…

Today is the day.  I’m scheduled for a PET scan at 12.  It’s a big day for me.  After six months of treatment it comes down to this.  Did the treatments work?  Is my cancer now under control or is it stronger than the treatments and has it continued to grow?  Geez…could anything be more stressful?!  I feel good.  The pain I had in my rib before treatment is gone.  That has to be a good sign, right? My oncologist will see me at 3:30 today. The verdict will be in. 3:30 can’t come soon enough!

On a happy note, I have enjoyed my week without treatment! We rafted Ruby Horsethief Canyon. Twenty-five miles down the Colorado River. We did thirteen miles the first day, camped and did twelve miles the second day. Good times!
That’s my Javiee and T.J. on the river. Ten miles in and T.J. was asleep!
That’s my girl, Kristen, and JB on the river.

14 thoughts on “PET Scan Today…

  1. Sending super positive thoughts your way, that you receive great results! Hang in there no matter what. Your attitude will carry you a long way.

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