Just a little update…

It’s Monday!  I think I have recovered from round 9 of Taxol!  Saturday was bad and Sunday wasn’t much better!  I had horrible leg cramps and my lower back hurt so bad!  The lower back pains worried me a little.  It’s a mental thing.  When you have cancer every new pain makes you think it’s spreading!  I have to stop thinking that way!   I have 3 more rounds of Taxol to go.  The countdown has begun!  I will finish Taxol the week before T.J. goes back to school.  I have spent the entire summer doing chemo!  We really wanted to take T.J. to New York this summer.  Not for what you would think..lol..he has just always wanted to go to the Nintendo store : ).  Going to the beach was another idea we had.  I miss the ocean!  I guess things don’t always work out the way we think they will.  Here’s to next summer!  

For now I’m just thankful that my body is tolerating Taxol so well.  I’m thankful I haven’t spent the summer enduring AC!  At least with Taxol I’ve been able to enjoy my time with T.J.  I’m really not ready for him to go back to school! Time flies!



That’s Kristen, she was my chemo buddy again this week!  She looks like she was enjoying it!  A few minutes after this picture she was sleeping!   I’m so proud of her!  She’s always there when I need her!  Love you Kristen!

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