Smile…Life is Good!

Smile…Life is Good!.   Click this link for a video I made for my family.  They are the best!

I have round six of Taxol today.  Six more to go after this one!  So far the side effect that I’m dealing with the most is leg cramps.  My knees and ankles hurt so bad!  Right now I’m taking pain meds in the morning and I’m able to enjoy my days with T.J.  I hope it stays this way for the rest of the treatments.  I can handle this!  It’s good to be able to take a pill and forget about all this cancer business for the week. Then Friday comes, chemo day, and I am once again reminded of how sick they say I am.  Good thing is I don’t feel sick, so we are enjoying the summer!   We even went rafting down the Colorado River this week.  Good times!





12 thoughts on “Smile…Life is Good!

  1. I love your beautiful video! You are amazing. Your attitude is so refreshing and you are awesome. I know the pain is no fun and I wish I could take it away. At the same time I send you prayers for joyous times with your fantastic family and friends. It’s so great to follow your journey. Hugs and xoxoxo -Susan

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey, Tammy. You have re-inspired me at a time when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable. I love the quote your posted about ‘dancing through life’. It reminded me about what’s important. My love and positive thoughts go with you.

    • Thank you Sara! You are also inspiring to me! It helps me to hear from women who have been dealing with this for a lot longer than I have. It gives me hope and encouragement. I sincerely believe a positive attitude will bring us many more years with our loved ones! Keep dancing!

  3. I hope that you are still tolerating the Taxol treatments. I have enjoyed following you story even though it breaks my heart at the same time. Cancer sucks! Keep fighting!

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