The results are in…

I went in for my PET scan yesterday.  It shows no new growth and improvement!  Yay!  That was what I needed to hear!  The past 3 months have been so hard on me!  It’s good to know that all I’ve been through has helped.  Talk about life changing!  That’s what cancer is!  

I was hoping for a break from chemo.  How nice would it be to feel normal this summer!  No chemo brain, no nausea, no extreme fatigue, no bald head, could I be so lucky?? new treatment plan is in full force.  12 rounds of chemo, one every Friday for 12 weeks!  On the bright side it’s not AC, it will be Taxol this time.  I hear the side effects are a lot easier to handle than the side effects of AC.  Praying this is true!  Seeing the improvements on my PET scan helps to motivate me for the next 12 treatments.  I can do this!  As far as feeling normal goes, I guess its just time to find my ” new normal”!  


That’s my T.J. out by the river.  It was so good to have a little break from chemo!  So good to be outside!

5 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. Hi Tammy. My name is becca. i came across your blog because i am too going through breast cancer-stage 2. I am 26. I am so sorry to hear about being stage 4 and it spreading but happy to hear there is improvement. Stay positive =)

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I’m a bit behind, but just stopped in to see how your scan went. I’m glad that you didn’t have any new growth, but so sorry you will be facing a summer of chemo!
    As you’ve been told, Taxol isn’t as bad as A & C, but I wish you didn’t have to deal with any chemos. Or anything cancer-related. Period!
    Sending lots of warm thoughts and wishes for a memory-filled summer with your son. :-

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