Just a little update….



I have my appointment for my new PET scan!  It will be this Friday at 9 am.  My doctor is going  to see me the same day, so no waiting for the results.  Good for me because waiting is the hardest part!  It’s a big day for me.  I will know if this past two months of chemo has helped.  If this new diet my Javiee has me on has helped.  I’m praying it has.  I really don’t want to spend this summer going thru more rounds of chemo! It’s hard to feel so bad for weeks at a time!  The funny thing is that once I recover from chemo I feel fine!  I don’t feel sick!  The chemo is what makes me feel sick!  Right now I feel like my happy self.  I am just going to enjoy this week and not worry about what Friday holds.  What does worrying help anyway??

Just a little note about my diet…I have not had sugar or red meat in 3 months!  Seriously…3 months!!  Oh how I miss my chocolate!!  Lucky for me my Javiee’s a good cook, he can make anything taste good!  I get my whole grain cereal (unprocessed) with hemp milk or unsweetened almond milk in the morning.  He makes sure I have fresh veggie soup everyday for lunch.  He loads me up on cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, organic chicken, garlic, sea salt and lets not forget the juices!!  Carrot and beet juice everyday! Other than the juices I’m really only drinking water.  My Javiee also found a way to make it more healthy and more tasty…lol. We use our ninja blender to make fresh pineapple, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry water.  With a packet of stevia, it’s yummy!  Stevia is the only sweetener in our house now…no more Splenda for us.  Changing the way I eat was extremely hard in the beginning.  Now I guess I’m just used to it.  If you really look at what’s in the food we eat, it’s a lot easier not to eat it!

You would think between chemo and the new diet that I would be a skinny minnie by now!  No, I have only lost 4 pounds since this whole ordeal started (2 pounds would have to be the ta ta’s..lol) That’s a good thing!  It means I’m being well taken care of!

4 thoughts on “Just a little update….

  1. It so amazing what a good diet can do for you! Sugar feeds cancer so its good to avoid it. Lemon water is good too…it helps keep the body in an alkaline state that wards off all kinds of things. I love fresh juice…my favorite is kale, a green apple, half a cucumber, and a little lime. Kale is a superfood so good for you. You are doing great! I have been thinking about you and praying for you.

    • Hey Anita! Kale is on our shopping list for this week. We also do lime and lemons in water. Thanks for checking in on me. This is a hard thing to deal with! I’m just trying to stay positive!

  2. I will be thinking of you on Friday and hoping for good results. So glad you have Javiee to take such good care of you. (He must be something special for you to be able to live a chocolate-free life!) Sending the warmest of wishes your way & hoping you don’t have to spend the summer having chemo… 😦

    • Thank you so much! I’m praying for no chemo this summer! I would like to feel good and enjoy the summer with my family! My little boy loves minecraft, too! I may have to copy your cake on his birthday! 🙂

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