What was to be an appointment with my radiation dr..March 14, 2013

I went to the cancer center today for my first appointment with my radiation doctor.  My oncologist is off on Thursday, so imagine my surprise called I was called back to see her.  She said my scans were back and she had thought about them all night.  She knew I had an appointment with the radiologist so she decided to see me instead.  I immediately broke out into tears.  I knew this was not going to be good news.  I was right, my cancer had spread.  That pain I was having in my upper back was a rib that was covered with cancer.  There was also a small spot on my spine, on my hip, tiny spots on my lung and it was also in my chest nodes.  Once again my reality is a slap in my face!  I am now stage IV.  I went from “curable” to ” treatable” in a matter of weeks.   What’s with treatable?!  What does that mean!? Where is all this “pink” campaign money going?? Why is stage IV only treatable?!

This is not what I had planned for this year!  I wanted to have a baby, buy a house, now I just want to live!

My Javiee doesn’t like to see me cry.  He says my positive attitude will get me thru this.   I know he’s right and I am positive. Today, however, is my day to cry!

4 thoughts on “What was to be an appointment with my radiation dr..March 14, 2013

    • It was devastating to hear I went from curable to treatable. Amazing how quickly your life can just completely change. I’ve always been one to count my blessings, but this just makes you realize how unimportant some things are! I loved your little ones post! How strong something like this can make our little ones!

  1. I am so sorry. I cannot even imagine what it was like to get that diagnosis so I am not even going to pretend by saying that I understand. My heart breaks for you and every other woman who has to go through this.

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