Chemo round 3….April 12, 2013


    I’m up early this morning. I feel like I have to enjoy every ” feel good” minute. I go in for round 3 of chemo today. So I will probably be in the bed all next week. I hear I will feel worse with each treatment. Round 2 was definitely harder to recover from than round 1 was. I am not looking forward to this! It’s hard to feel like you don’t even want to get out of bed! On the bright side, when this one is done I can say 1 more to go! Mama and Javiee will be going with me to chemo today. It’s Javiee’s first time. I’m worried about how he will take it. He hates to see me going thru this. Chemo itself is not painful. I just think it will be hard for him to see the tubes coming from the port in my chest. I guess it’s always hard to watch a loved one deal with something like this. Well here’s to kicking round 3’s a**!!

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