Chemo round 1…. March 15, 2013

That's the port in my chest.

That’s the port in my chest.

Today is round one of chemotherapy for me!  I’m not really nervous about it.  I’m ready to kill some cancer cells!  I will be getting Cytoxan, which is derived from mustard gas!  It should keep the cancer cells from dividing so they die.  I will also be getting Adriamycin.  I hear it’s called “the red devil”.  Well, here’s to the red devil!  Time to kill some cancer cells!

So that was all pretty painless.  They accessed my port for the first time.  Why was I nervous about that??   I go in to the hospital in the morning for a nuelasta shot.  It should make my bone marrow go crazy and get my white count back to where it should be.

My doctor says my hair will be out within two weeks.  I’m not looking forward to that! My hair is such a part of who I am.  I’m not going to wait for it to fall out.  I think I will go ahead and cut it short.  I need to be in control of something!  My little T.J. has spring break    the week after next.  He’s always wanted a Mohawk and I’ve always said  Well, I think we’ll just do Mohawks together. They won’t let him wear it to school, so he’ll have to shave it off the day before he goes back to school.  That’s the day my hair should really be falling out.   So…here’s to Mohawk memories!!



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