Bloodwork for Chemo round 3…April 11, 2013

That's me with my Javiee.  I miss that hair!

I went to have my bloodwork checked today to see if round 3 of chemo is a go. My white count was perfect and I will have chemo tomorrow. My doctor says she needs to put all her patients on my Javiee’s juices because I’m the only one of her patients that doesn’t have a problem with I told her it was the beets! My man is the sweetest and his top priority is taking care of me. Everyday he puts a fresh beet in the juicer for me. When I get that down he does carrots. The beets taste like dirt to me, but I down it because he says it’s good for me. The carrot juice is actually yummy. I am a lucky woman to have a man who loves me the way my Javiee does. He gives me hope. He gives me strength. He is my treasure.



2 thoughts on “Bloodwork for Chemo round 3…April 11, 2013

  1. I swear by juicing! How nice of Javiee to do this for you. There are tons of recipes out on the web for anti-cancer juices, so you don’t have to just do beets and carrots. 🙂 I like to mix them together… red beet, carrot, cukes, celery, kale, and an apple & orange to sweeten it up. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    • Thank you! I know I’m so lucky to have Javiee! This is really hard to deal with! I couldn’t imagine doing it without him! We have just started to make different juices. Yay! Beet juice is so hard to drink alone!

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