Results…Feb 13, 2013

So the results are back, it is confirmed, I have breast cancer! There’s no more denying it, no more hoping it’s not true. Reality is now a slap in the face! This is not something I ever imagined I would have to deal with at my age! I was told you have mammograms when you turn 40. I’m not even 40 yet!!! Why is this happening to me? My life is so good! I have the sweetest man in the world, my kiddos and my entire family are the best and they all need me! I am truly devastated! What now? Looks like I’m on the fast track to somewhere. I have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow. I go from having a lump to having an appointment with a surgeon to talk about having my breast removed in two weeks time! It’s all to much to grasp! I can do it. I can deal with losing my breast. I will do whatever it takes to beat this demon that’s trying to take over my life. My life is to good to be taken so easily!



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