Follow up appointment with my surgeon…Feb 28, 2013

I had my drains removed today! Yay! Those things were painful! They were also painful coming out! He just cut the stitches and pulled! The feeling of having something pulled from your body is just horrible! My labs are back. My cancer is er/pr positive and her2-. The good news is that it’s er+ and pr+ because they have a lot of hormonal drugs to control those kinds of cancer. It’s so much better than being triple negative. I guess we can be thankful for that. Now for the bad news. The report now puts me at stage III. Out of 12 lymph nodes 9 of them were cancerous. Does that mean that my lymph nodes did their job and caught all the cancer before it escaped and started somewhere else? Lets hope so! I’m nervous now! I went from stage II to stage III in a matter of weeks!! I’m scared of what is yet to come. They haven’t done any scans on any other part of my body….so how do they know I’m actually stage III??? Reality is once again a slap in my face!! I feel so good! Yes, Im sore from my surgery, but other than that I feel good!! I don’t feel sick!! I’ve been working out and doing my Zumba. This doesn’t make sense to me!!


I left the doctors office with an appointment for outpatient surgery. I will be having a port put in my chest. They tell me it will make chemotherapy much easier if I have a port. So here’s to another surgery! I’m just telling myself to stay positive, stage III is treatable! I can do this!!!



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