First appointment with my oncologist….March 5, 2013

That's my mama...I can't imagine going thru this without her!

That’s my mama…I can’t imagine going thru this without her!

I had my first appointment with my oncologist today. I really liked her. She seemed to know what she was talking about. She asked me what I knew about my situation and what my fears were. Of course I started crying! I told her I was so scared! I went from stage II to stage III and I was so worried that more tests would put me at stage IV. I told her my life is so good! I want to beat this and live! It’s a scary thing to think about leaving your loved ones behind! Especially when you have a 10 yr old with Aspergers and Type 1 diabetes! She has scheduled me for a CT scan and a PET scan next week. I’m worried! I have this pain in my back left shoulder. I thought I had pulled a muscle doing Zumba. Now I’m not so sure! I seem to think every pain is cancer these days. I guess that’s only natural.

I’m thankful to have my mama here with me at these appointments! She too, gives me strength!

So here’s to another week of waiting!



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