Biopsy Day….February 11, 2013

Five days after my mammogram I’m waiting to have my biopsy. I’m scared to death! I’ve never been one for needles, so I’m not looking forward to this appointment! I have my Javiee here with me and my mom’s here too. I’m thankful to have them both! Javiee will sit in the waiting area while the biopsy is being done. Mama will be with me, I think she can stomach watching more than my Javiee can.


Wow…no wonder I was worried about this appointment! That is the most painful thing I have ever been thru! The doctor numbed my breast, at least he said he The needle was the longest I’ve ever seen and it was hollow with tiny scissors at the end. I could hear a snap with every cut he made. It was the strangest thing to actually feel pieces of the tumor being pulled from my breast. So painful! After the second extraction I wanted to scream and I was hoping that was the end of it. No, he needed more! I was crying, it was so painful! I thought I was going to pass out by the time it was over. My knees were shaking when I stood up. My mama was a trooper, she didn’t hit the doctor, so I think she did well. Her hand probably hurts because I was squeezing it so hard! I’m thankful she was with me. I’m thankful it’s over! Now the waiting begins….



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