Home from the hospital….Feb 22, 2013

Well I made it thru surgery and I’m home! I feel exhausted and I look so swollen! I haven’t looked at my scars yet. I can take a shower tomorrow, but I think I’ll wait another few days. I don’t think I’m ready to look at the changes that have been made to my body yet. I’m really surprised that the pain is so minimal where my stitches are. The pain is coming from the drainage tubes that are under my skin just below the breast area. We have them pinned to my shirt so they won’t hang and get pulled out. They are so painful, they burn and are so itchy! We have to drain them daily. When they stop draining they will take them out. I can’t wait for that! They took 12 lymph nodes from my left arm. It’s also really sore! Now I know why I opted to wait on reconstruction. I can’t imagine having to deal with anything else right now! I haven’t even really decided to do reconstruction. I’ve been thru so much this past month. It’s hard to think about opting to have more surgery. They would put in expanders, stretch my skin weekly and then do surgery to put in implants. I guess that’s something I can think about later. Right now I’m just not into it! It helps that my man loves me for me. He doesn’t care about that superficial crap. He just cares that I’m healthy and here with him. He’s a blessing! So now I’m waiting on the lab results from the tumor in my breast. It will tell us more about the kind of cancer we’re dealing with. Waiting is so hard!

I know it’s not an appealing picture, but it is my reality, so I’m posting a picture of these horrible drainage tubes I’m wearing. That’s my Javiee draining one.


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